August Awards and Promotions!

It was a very busy month for Apex with lots of great accomplishments. Congratulations to the cadets and Senior Members!

  • Cadet A. Diehl to C/2nd Lt (promoted at Encampment)
  • Cadet E. Webster completed Achievement 8
  • Cadet De La Fuente completed Achievement 8
  • Cadet Terway to C/CMSgt
  • Cadet B. Kearns to C/MSgt
  • Cadet Gingras to C/SSgt
  • Cadet J. Webster to C/SSgt
  • Cadet J. Moorman to C/A1C
  • Cadet Sellers to C/Amn
  • Cadet Graham to C/Amn
  • Additionally the following cadets have completed all requirement for their next promotion and are just waiting on the time in rank:
    • Cadet E. Webster to C/2nd Lt – Sept 21
    • Cadet Pendergraft to C/SSgt – Sept 3

C/SMSgt C. Baldauff, C/SSgt A. Baldauff, and C/SMSgt Kuo received the Red Service Award for being a CAP member for two years.

SM Hausner received the Senior Membership Ribbon for completing Level I.

C/MSgt Furlough earned GTM3 and GTM2, C/CMSgt Terway and C/SrA Pendergraft earned GTM3.

C/Maj J. Barrow (Cadet Officer School) received the NCSA ribbon.

C/CMSgt M. Bogart (Honor Guard Academy) received the NCSA ribbon.

Certificates of First Flight were awarded to C/Amn Loftis, C/Amn E. Moorman, C/Amn J. Moorman, and C/TSgt Huddleston

The following cadets and Senior Members received Encampment Ribbons:

  • Maj Kearns
  • Capt Willis
  • Capt Waters
  • C/2nd Lt A. Diehl
  • C/CMSgt J. Diehl
  • C/CMSgt Terway
  • C/CMSgt E. Webster
  • C/MSgt Furlough
  • C/TSgt Huddleston
  • C/TSgt Hausner
  • C/SSgt A. Bogart
  • C/SrA Pendergraft
  • C/Amn Loftis
  • C/Amn E. Moorman
  • C/Amn J. Moorman

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