Apex Cadet Squadron
21 May 16
Hanging Rock Hiking Trip

Good evening cadets,

As I announced at the meeting, we will be having a trip to the mountains. This is mostly a fun event; but there will be some training involved. We will have some Ranger and Ground Team instructors come along with us for the hike, and will be doing some training for tasks. 

This is a one-day event. If you need a ride (I have room for 10 people), we will meet at Resurrection Lutheran at 0630 and be on the road no later than 0645. Bring money for food, as we'll be stopping for breakfast and dinner. The food you'll bring in you 24hr packs will be the food we eat for lunch on the hike. Bring a Camelbak (or equivelant) and a water bottle. I want to be sure everyone is hydrating.

We will be arriving at the Welcome Center around 0900 and we will wait till everyone shows up. 

UOD is BDUs. You will bring your 24hr Pack (if you do not know what that is, contact your chain of command or Google it). If you do not have a 24, the essentials for this trip are hydration, rain gear, personal first aid kit, food, compass, and a couple changes of socks.

If you can attend, sign up at this link. 


You will need to bring a CAPF 32, 160, and 161.
Also, be sure to bring SQTRs.

I am really looking forward to this trip, and I hope it has a good turn out. 

Ask your chain of command if you have any questions. 


C/2d Lt Terway


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