Uniforms & Ribbons

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To purchase or swap uniform items go to CLICK HERE .

Upon joining CAP, cadets are expected to purchase the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) or ABU. You will need it if you plan to attend encampment, or participate in many other CAP activities.  You can find this uniform at many military surplus stores, eBay, and the flea market at the fairgrounds are some good sources.

After earning their first promotion, cadets will receive a $100 coupon (the Curry Voucher) to spend on the blue uniform at http://www.vanguardmil.com .  The following items can only be purchased from Vanguard: Curry Ribbon, blue nametag, Cadet Airman rank, and flight cap device.  The $100 voucher can only be used to purchase specific items and you will not receive a refund for any unused amount so make sure you spend it all.  The other items (blue shirt, pants, shoes, flight cap) can be purchased from the same locations as the BDUs.

We have a small supply of both blue and BDU uniforms that are available for purchase or swapping for a different size for free.  Generally speaking, our uniforms are 1/2 the cost from Vanguard.  We also have a small supply of almost new shoes for your Blues for only $20.  Below is a cost comparison between us and Vanguard:

Vanguard  Apex Cadet Sq
Male Blue Shirt  $          44.00  $               22.00
Male Blue Pants  $          55.00  $               27.00
Male Blue Hat  $          17.00  $                  9.00
Male Blue belt  $          8.95  $                  8.00
Female Blue Shirt  $          44.00  $                22.00
Female Blue Pants  $          50.00  $                25.00
Female Blue Hat  $          17.00  $                  9.00
Female Blue Belt  $          8.95  $                  8.00
Shoes for Blues  $          40.00  $               20.00
BDU Shirt  $          22.00  $               11.00
BDU Pants  $          22.00  $               11.00
BDU Hat  $          11.75  $                 6.00
Shipping $10 or more    FREE!

To purchase any of these items or request replacements, please go to the link at the top of the page to place a uniform request.  Remember, by purchasing uniform items from the squadron you help to fund our activities.

If you outgrow your uniform, you can exchange it for a larger size for free under the following conditions:

  1. Your old uniform is serviceable
  2. We have your new size


All ribbons and devices earned by cadets will be provided by the squadron with the exception of the Curry ribbon.  The cadet is responsible for maintaining those ribbons.  Replacement ribbons can be purchased from Vanguard or the squadron as needed.

Ribbon racks are provided for in the one time dues, but cadets are expected to take care of them and turn in their old ones so they can be reused by other cadets.  If you need a new ribbon rack or device please go to the link at the top of the page to request them.

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