Staff Duty Analysis

How to do a SDA Report

1. Read CAPP 52-14.  It tells you step by step how to complete the report.  Follow the sample format for your report.  SDA reports which do not follow the format will be returned.

2. Find the staff officer duties in CAPR 20-1.  There are regulations listed there you should be familiar with.  This is an older publication so there may be some changes.

3. Review CAP Index 0-2.  On the second page it lists the regulations and manuals and what area the cover.  Example 10 series regulations are administrative.  You can then go to the series and see which directives that staff officer is responsible for.  List those in your report.

4. CAP Index 0-9 lists all forms in Civil Air Patrol.  Do the same with this index that you did above.

5. Read the Specialty pamphlet for the staff position. Look at the technician level.

6. Talk with the unit staff officer about their position and what they do.

7.  Make sure you spell and grammar check your SDA.  Read it out loud to ensure it makes sense. 

8. E-mail your report to Capt Waters at and cc SM Wells at



Directives to Use with your SDAs

CAP Index 0-2

CAP Index 0-9

CAPR 20-1

CAPP 52-14

CAPP 52-15

Link to CAP pamphlets

CAP Knowledgebase

Use the CAP Knowledgebase if you need some more information. Just type in the subject and it references all kinds of information.

Staff Service Requirements for Phase 3

These requirements replace the current “choose one achievement to study with.”  With this, you will do one activity from each achievement in this phase.  This will continue until we replace the SDA program.

Achievement 9- Choose activity 2 or 3

Achievement 10- Activity 2

Achievement 11- Activity 1

For some of these, you may have questions.  Please contact Captain Waters for more explanation of how to do this.



Achievements  –   Staff officer Responsible  –   Specialty pamphlets

9     Flight Commander – CAPP 52-15

10   Administration – CAPP 205

11   Public Affairs – CAPP 201

12   Leadership – Lt Col Landreth-Strug CAPP 216

13   Aerospace Education – Lt Col Strug CAPP 215

14   Operations – Lt Col Strug CAPP 211

15   Logistics –  CAPP 206

16   Cadet Commander – Capt Strug CAPP 52-15

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