Commander’s Policies

Updated 21 July 2017

The following are Apex Commander’s Policies and are to be adhered to by all squadron members:

  • Uniform of the Day (UOD): All members will wear the prescribed UOD at squadron meetings
    • The UOD can change from what has been traditional at Apex (example: BDUs could be worn on AE night).  Please read your emails to ensure you are wearing the correct uniform.
    • When wearing blues/corporate whites, all authorized ribbons and badges will be worn
    • Members not wearing the correct uniform may not be allowed to participate and could be counted as absent at the commander’s discretion.  Exceptions are possible but must be requested in advance
    • PT Uniform will consist of the black Apex Cadet Squadron t-shirt with black shorts/sweat pants.  The shorts can have other colors but should be mostly black and come down at least 2/3 the length of wearer’s thigh.
    • The black Apex Cadet Squadron t-shirt can be worn with the BDU uniform at squadron meetings only. 
    • The squadron ball cap may be worn at meetings instead of ABU/BDU cover.
  • Cadet Promotions: In order to be considered for promotion, cadets must attend 75% of squadron meetings in the preceding three months.
    • Cadets are expected to know the Cadet Oath and be able to recite it at any time, without warning.
  • Chain of Command:  All members are expected to know and follow the chain of command.  The Squadron Commander should never be contacted directly unless it is a serious issue.
    • Any member can be quizzed on their knowledge of their chain of command at any time
  • Communications between members: Email is the preferred method of communications between members as it provides a record of that communication.
    • Cadets should never contact any Senior Member via email without including another Senior Member on the email.
    • Senior Members should never contact a cadet via email without including another Senior Member on the email
    • All members are expected to check their email at least every other day and read all CAP-related emails
    • All member are required to subscribe to the Apex Cadet Squadron newsletter at .  This is the official communications channel for the squadron.
  • Weekly Meetings: cadets are expected to attend and participate in all weekly meetings.  Simply being present does not count as participating
    • Per CAPR 52-16, meeting agendas will be published at least one week in advance and will include the UOD.  This is the Cadet Commander’s responsibility and may be delegated by him/her.
    • Senior Members are expected to attend a majority of meetings
    • Both Senior Members and cadets must notify their chain of command if they are unable to attend a weekly meeting as early as possible
  • Emergency Services (ES): All members (cadet and Senior Members) are expected to attain the General Emergency Services (GES) rating within six months of joining the squadron.
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