April Promotions and Awards

Apex Cadet Squadron held their monthly promotion and awards ceremony on April 23, 2015.  Both cadets and senior members were recognized.  The following cadets promoted to their respective ranks:

  • Cadet A. Barrow to C/2nd Lt
  • Cadet E. Webster to C/SMSgt
  • Cadet Hausner to C/MSgt
  • Cadet B. Kearns to C/TSgt
  • Cadet A. Bogart to C/SSgt
  • Cadet Glidewell to C/SSgt
  • Cadet Hackney to C/A1C
  • Cadet J. Webster to C/A1C
  • Cadet M. Bogart to C/Amn
  • Cadet Terway C/MSgt was presented his Lindbergh Award
  • Cadet T. Bogart was presented his Goddard Award

The following senior members received awards:

  • 1st Lt Willis was presented the community service award for over 180 hours and the leadership award for earning technician rating for Public Affairs Officer.
  • SM C. Bogart received the Membership Award for completing Level I training.

Congratulations to these cadets and senior members for a job well done.

Apex Cadet Squadron would like to invite everyone to the next award ceremony on April 30, 2015 where General James Scanlan USAF will be presenting the Spaatz award to C/Col Joshua Waters and the Billy Mitchell award to C/2nd Lt Aaron Barrow.  This ceremony will be held at 7:00 pm at Resurrection Lutheran Church at 100 W Lochmere Dr, Cary, NC 27518.

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