Color Guard Competition

All, NCWG will be conducting a Color Guard Competition on May 2nd, 2015 at the NCLA (North Carolina Leadership Academy) school and CAP squadron in Kernersville, North Carolina. This competition will be a chance for all cadets and squadrons to practice for the official NCWG color guard competition in fall of 2015, which will decide what teams go to the MER competition in October. The national rules for Color Guard Competitions are going through major changes. The current draft rules are located at and the final version will be available at the same link around February 6th. One of the biggest changes is cadet officers are now allowed to compete in the color guard competition. Please start thinking about getting your squadron’s color guard team ready and looking over the draft rules. For the practice competition, squadrons may request a waiver to send more than 1 color guard team, however no cadet or SM can be part of more than 1 team. More details will be posted in February, once the final competition rules become available.