Wreaths Across America Fundraiser

This year we are again selling wreaths to be laid on the graves at Raleigh National Cemetery in December.  This year we are also going to be giving prizes to those who raise the most money.  The first thing you have to do is to click here to register to fund raise. Next is just share the link to your fund raising page and encourage people to donate.  All donations are tax deductible too!

So what is in this for you?  First, by raising money for the squadron you will help us put on great events and trips at little or no cost to cadets.  Second, you can win great prizes!  If you have any questions please contact C/CMSgt J. Diehl.

Below is the current prize list.  Prizes will be awarded during the Annual Awards Ceremony in December.

Wreaths Sold Prize
5 CAP Silver Engraved Coin
10 CAP Gold Engraved Coin
20 1 Year CAP Membership
30  TBD
50  $ 50.00
75  Encampment Scholarship
100  $ 100.00
150  TBD
200  TBD
250  TBD
300  $ 300.00
350  1 Week Resort Stay
400  $ 400.00
450  TBD
500  $ 500.00
550  TBD
600  $ 600.00
650  TBD
700  $ 700.00
750  TBD
800  $ 800.00
850  TBD
900  $ 900.00
950  TBD
1000  $ 1,000.00

You are allowed to fund raise door-to-door or in front of a business (with their permission of course). You should wear blues or if you don’t have blues you can wear BDUs.

If you do set up a table and want to have jar for donations, please make sure it is labeled “Support Apex Cadet Squadron”. Be sure to print out plenty of the donation receipt forms too!
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