Model Rocketry

The purpose of our Rocketry Program is, ultimately, to give each of you an opportunity to launch off model rockets, have fun, and earn an awesome-looking uniform badge at the same time. However, we have a few prerequisites (two written tests and one hands-on activity) to complete before we can start launching rockets. Most of you already took one of the tests during the meeting on April 10th. We’ll be building non-powered rockets (the hands-on activity) on April 17th, and we’ll be finishing the second written test on April 24th. After that, we can start building and preparing for our first powered launch.

If you did not pass the first test, were not at the meeting on April 10th, or will not be at the meeting on April 17th or April 24th, you’ll need to complete some stuff at home. The Model Rocketry Handbook can be downloaded from the national Civil Air Patrol website ( For the first test (April 10), read the “Redstone Written” portion; for the second test (April 24), read the “Titan Written” portion. Once you’re ready, log onto E-services and click on “Learning Management System” (on the left-hand side of the page.) Scroll down to the Model Rocketry tests. These tests are closed-book, 10-question exams. Print out your certificate and bring it in to the next meeting.

I know it doesn’t sound like fun, but the payoff for investing an hour in these tests if you can’t attend the weekly meeting will be well worth it. Ask Lt. Barrow or Chief De La Fuente how it felt to launch their first rocket.

Remember- you don’t need to take the tests if you’re coming to the squadron meetings, only if you miss one.

Brendan C. Kearns, C/Lt, CAP

Cadet Commander, MER-NC-301