New Meeting Place Starting May 1st


The Apex Cadet Squadron will be moving the site of the regular weekly meetings effective May 1st from Colonial Baptist to:

The Resurrection Lutheran Church,

100 W. Lochmere Drive • Cary, NC 27518 • (919) 851-7248

The times for the weekly meeting will stay the same, 7- 9pm on Thursdays.  The church was kind enough to allow us to use their facilities which while smaller than Colonial should be able to seat 30-36 cadets.  In addition there is a town park across the street that can be used for the mile run during daylight hours as well as other facilities that we can plan for in the future including a covered picnic area and baseball field.  i would like to see if there is interest in having a squadron  picnic this summer so we can enjoy some activities outside of the regular weekly meetings.

Please let your parents know of the change in advance!


Captain Kearns