2018 SAREX is this weekend! – Jan 26-27

All Apex Cadet Squadron cadets and senior members,

There is a SAREX planned for this weekend.  See the details below.  Please send your availability to cbogart@apexcadetsquadron.com.

The North Carolina Wing will be conducting a statewide SAREX on Friday evening and Saturday, January 26 and 27. Mission base will be at Wing Headquarters in Burlington with initial tasking released around 5pm on Friday. If the weather doesn’t allow us to fly, we will still conduct the remaining portions of the exercise including all mission base procedures and all ground activities. We will expect all crew bases to provide actual aircrews that are available to fly and can fly if we have the weather to fly.

This SAREX is being written to simulate events that we train for on a regular basis and should be able to complete without hesitation. They may include simulated missing persons or aircraft, disaster relief photography and fully manning an incident command center. All squadrons with ground and UDF teams and all aircraft crew bases should have resources available for Friday evening and Saturday morning. Due to the size of the event, we may not utilize all assets but part of the exercise is to evaluate the capabilities of fielding the teams as needed.

Squadrons are requested to determine their resources available and provide responses to the command staff when called upon as needed. No one is to self-deploy which includes standing by at a squadron facility when not specifically tasked.

We will need command staff at Wing Headquarters for the Friday night and Saturday operational periods including OSC, PSC, LSC, AOBD, GBD and support staff including radio operators and staff assistants. If you are available for either or both operational periods, please make you availability known to the incident commanders. Lt. Col Ed Angelovich at eangelovich@ncwgcap.org will be the IC for the Friday evening operational period and Col. Larry Ragland at lragland@ncwgcap.org will be the IC for the Saturday operational period. Do not contact me with your availability as I’m writing the exercise but not involved in managing it.

We put a huge focus on training for numerous types of missions and the exercise written by Capt. Scott Stevens and myself is designed to show our readiness as a Wing to show the rewards of our training. Trainees are welcome and encouraged to participate in the SAREX.