SAREX This weekend – Jan 20 – 22

There is a SAREX planned for this weekend.  Details below.  Please send me your availability to  I’ll need to submit the ICS-204 to Wing ASAP.

The North Carolina Wing CAP will be conducting a statewide Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) starting on Friday evening, January 20 and concluding Sunday afternoon.  The exercise was written with several objectives:

 ·      We learned from valuable member feedback after Hurricane Matthew (which was the largest mission CAP has been involved in since Superstorm Sandy).  Several members on the Wing and Region staff have worked countless hours to update some of our procedures and technology.  We now have the ability to drop photo target Excel spreadsheet data in to our systems, assign targets to specific sorties and push the flight plan via email to the PIC for use on their iPad in ForeFlight without needing to program the individual target locations in the aircraft GPS.  This will save a significant amount of time and get our aircraft to the targets much faster.  More to come on this for those not at the ICP this weekend at the Wing Conference.

·      As we see fewer missing aircraft and ELT searches (a good thing), we need to keep our proficiency with air and ground searches.  Several challenging scenarios have been created to test our readiness on the ground and in the air.

·     Provide coordination for our ICP staff over multiple operational periods and use of the technology updates made since Hurricane Matthew.

·    Create training opportunities for newer members or those that haven’t had a chance to participate in a realistic scenario lately.

 There will be three operational periods with the following IC’s assigned:

Friday 6pm until ?        Maj. Chris Bailey

Saturday 6am – Afternoon        Lt Col. Andy Wiggs with Col. Crawford

Sunday 6:30 am until early afternoon      Lt Col. Craig Richardson

Tasking will be spread out during the three operational periods at a fast pace with multiple activities going on at the same time.  The need for members will most likely be requested via the Wing text messaging system or via Group to squadron chain of command.  As we would on a real mission, NO ONE is to leave their home without being signed in to WMIRS and assigned to a task.  This includes NOT “hanging out” at your squadron facility waiting for an assignment.  We don’t want duty days affected if you are assigned a task but not in the morning.

 The IC’s will need a full ICP staff for each operational period.  If you are a section chief, branch director, MSA, radio operator, etc., please respond for at least one operational period as the call goes out for assistance.

 If the weather does not allow for flight operations at any time during the weekend, the ground operations and a full ICP will still operate as scheduled with any air tasks completed as a table top exercise.  Unfortunately with well over 30 squadrons statewide, we just don’t have the resources to manage a separate tasking for every squadron in one SAREX.  If you squadron isn’t assigned something next weekend, please continue to conduct training at the squadron level.  Trainees are encouraged to participate providing there are SET qualified trainers participating and providing training. 

 This will most likely be the largest statewide training event we conduct before our scheduled Bi-Annual graded SAREVEL with CAP/USAF in June.  We want to make sure we have all of our systems in place and can clearly demonstrate the outstanding ability to perform as we continually train to be a valuable resource for our country.

 There is also a “Basic Inland SAR” class in Fayetteville the AFRCC is teaching February 25-26.  There are four available seats for CAP to attend.  To attend as a CAP member, we are looking for members that are currently an AOBD, GBD, PSC, OSC, LSC or an IC.  If you meet this requirement and would like to attend, please send me a separate email to  I’ll let those responding who is confirmed to attend.  CAP is not hosting the class so we don’t have any flexibility in adding more seats.