2016 Second Half Staff Positions


The time has come to begin applying for  line and support staff positions at Apex Cadet Squadron.  Unfortunately, executive staff position interviews have closed.  Please take a moment to congratulate our new Cadet Commander, C/Maj Brendan Kearns, C/DC C/2d Lt Stephen Terway, and C/XO C/2d Lt Andrew Hausner.  We are still looking to fill First Sergeant, two Flight Commander, and two Flight Sergeant positions.  We are also looking for the following support staff roles:

  • Cadet Leadership Officer/NCOIC
  • Cadet Aerospace Officer/NCOIC
  • Cadet Emergency Services Officer/NCOIC
  • Cadet Safety Officer/NCOIC

If there are any other positions listed in this manual that you would like to apply for that do not appear on this list, feel free to apply for them.  All positions can be found in CAPP52-15, Cadet Staff Handbook (http://www.capmembers.com/media/cms/P052_015_21F7ACED34F45.pdf).  Please be aware that many of the positions require a certain minimum grade to serve in that position.  Cadets must be at least a C/SSgt to apply for positions.  Also, any cadet applying for C/XO, C/DC, or C/CC should submit a CAP resume to Capt Waters.

Executive staff interviews will be held 26 May 2016, and interviews for line and support staff will be held 9 June 2016.  Please use the form below to apply; cadets may apply for more than one position.  If you do not get your first choice, you will probably get your second choice.