February Promotions, Awards, & Change of Command

Congratulations to this month’s promotees:

  • C/Maj Kearns completed Achievement 15
  • Cadet De La Fuente to C/2d Lt
  • Cadet Kuo to C/CMSgt
  • Cadet A. Baldauff to C/MSgt
  • Cadet Webster to C/MSgt
  • Cadet J. Moorman to C/TSgt
  • Cadet Sellers to C/SSgt
  • Cadet E. Moorman to C/SrA

Cadet Terway received the Red Service Ribbon for completing two years of service to Civil Air Patrol

2d Lt Bogart presented the CyberPatriot team with completion certificates and Cyberpatriot challenge coins:

  • Cadet A. Bogart
  • Cadet A. Hausner
  • Cadet T. Furlough
  • Cadet J. Webster

2nd Lt Hausner was promoted to 1st Lt.

Lastly a Change of Command ceremony was held.  Capt Willis handed over command of Apex Cadet Squadron to 1st Lt Hausner.  Capt Willis is moving on to be the Group 5 Deputy Commander and Wing Director of Personnel.

DSC_0812 (Medium)DSC_0805 (Medium)DSC_0802 (Medium)DSC_0799 (Medium)DSC_0789 (Medium)DSC_0790 (Medium)DSC_0795 (Medium)DSC_0784 (Medium)DSC_0787 (Medium)DSC_0781 (Medium)DSC_0780 (Medium)DSC_0779 (Medium)DSC_0778 (Medium)DSC_0777 (Medium)DSC_0768 (Medium)DSC_0772 (Medium)DSC_0765 (Medium)DSC_0776 (Medium)DSC_0775 (Medium)DSC_0773 (Medium)DSC_0761 (Medium)DSC_0759 (Medium)DSC_0754 (Medium)DSC_0757 (Medium)DSC_0751 (Medium)DSC_0750 (Medium)DSC_0747 (Medium)DSC_0746 (Medium)DSC_0741 (Medium)DSC_0740 (Medium)DSC_0744 (Medium)DSC_0743 (Medium)DSC_0739 (Medium)DSC_0738 (Medium)DSC_0734 (Medium)DSC_0730 (Medium)DSC_0729 (Medium)DSC_0726 (Medium)DSC_0835 (Medium)DSC_0838 (Medium)DSC_0843 (Medium)