2015 Annual Awards and Cadet Change of Command

Apex Cadet Squadron held their annual awards ceremony and also recognized the cadet promotees for the month. The ceremony concluded with C/2d Lt Stephen Terway accepting the position of Cadet Commander from C/Maj James Barrow. The evening was presided over by Apex Cadet Squadron Commander Capt Michael Willis and attended by many supportive family and friends.

Receiving the Gen John F. Curry Award and promotion to Cadet Airman, Cadet Aiden Budge and Cadet Tyler Ng’andwe.  The Mary Fiek Award and promotion to Cadet Senior Airman, Cadet Jonathan Sellers.  Earning the Wright Brothers Award and promotion to C/SSgt is Cadet Jacob Moorman. Cadets Alex Balduaff received the Eddie Rickenbacker and promotion to Cadet Technical Sergeant. The Billy Mitchell award and promotion to Cadet Second Lieutenant was given to Cadets Jarod Diehl and Stephen Terway. Cadet Brendan Kearns was promoted to the rank of Cadet Major.  Senior Member Beth Hausner was promoted to Second Lieutenant.

The Air Force Association Outstanding Cadet of the Year was C/2d Lt Emily Webster. The Air Force Sergeants Association Award to the Outstanding Squadron Cadet NCO was presented to C/TSgt Noelle Pendergraft. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Award for the Outstanding Cadet Officer was C/2d Lt Alaina Diehl and the Outstanding NCO was presented to C/2d Lt Stephen Terway.  The Cadet of the Quarter for the final quarter of 2015 is C/SSgt Jacob Moorman.  The Apex Cadet Squadron Cadet of the Year was C/TSgt Noelle Pendergraft.

The Community Service Ribbon was awarded to 2d Lt Hausner, C/Maj Kearns, and C/TSgt Pendergraft.  The Red Service Ribbon for completing two years in CAP was presented to C/MSgt Kearns and C/MSgt Glidewell.

The Emergency Services Patch was awarded to Capt Waters, C/CMSgt Baldauff, C/TSgt Webster, C/SSgt Moorman and C/A1C Moorman.

Also being recognized with Commander’s Commendation Awards were Major Brendan Kearns and Capt Willis for their work during the 2015 NCWG Summer Encampment.

At the end of the ceremony Capt Willis presented the CAP Achievement Award to C/Maj James Barrow for his work and dedication while serving as the Apex Cadet Squadron cadet commander.

This is an exciting time for the squadron and 2016 is going to be a busy year. Plans are underway for multiple joint activities with other squadrons including bivouacs, model rocketry, and Emergency Services training activities. Cadets and Senior Members are also making plans to attend Winter Ranger Training, Drill & Ceremonies Academy, MER Search and Rescue College, Encampment, National Conference, the National Museum of the Air Force, Patriot’s Point in Charleston, and many NCSA activities.

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