November Awards and Promotions

Congratulations to all promotees and award winners!

  • Cadet B Kearns completed Achievement 13
  • Cadet Gingras to C/TSgt
  • Cadet Romero to C/A1C
  • Cadet Wells to C/A1C

Cadet J. Moorman was awarded the Community Service ribbon for completing over 60 hours of volunteer service outside of CAP

SM SellersĀ earned the Membership Award for completing Level I

Capt Willis and Capt Waters received Commander’s Commendation Awards for serving as Flight TAC Officers during the 2015 NC Wing Summer Encampment.

The following cadets received a Certificate of First Flight for completing their first orientation flight with Civil Air Patrol

  • C/SMSgt Kuo
  • C/TSgt Webster
  • C/AmnĀ Bogart
  • C/Amn Wells
  • C/AB Mills
  • C/AB Ng’Andwe

The following cadets earned the President’s National Physical Fitness award:

  • C/2nd Lt Barrow
  • C/TSgt Bogart
  • C/Amn Bogart
  • C/SSgt Gingras
  • C/SSgt Hackney
  • C/CMSgt Hausner
  • C/SrA J. Moorman
  • C/CMSgt Terway
  • C/TSgt Webster

The following cadets attended the Fall NC Wing Ranger Training Weekend

  • Maj Kearns
  • 2nd Lt Huddleston
  • C/Capt Kearns
  • C/2nd Lt Webster
  • C/CMSgt Hausner
  • C/SMSgt Furlough
  • C/MSgt Huddleston
  • C/TSgt Webster
  • C/SSgt Pendergraft
  • C/A1C J. Moorman
  • C/Amn Romero
  • C/Amn Sellers


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