October Awards and Promotions Part 2

Congratulations to C/2nd Lt T. Bogart on being promoted to the officer ranks last night!  He also received a custom engraved challenge coin commemorating his promotion to C/2nd Lt and also received an additional custom engraved challenge coin to give to the cadet who renders them their first salute.

Also congratulations to C/MSgt Huddleston for being awarded the Civil Air Patrol Achievement Medal for the outstanding work he performed in assisting with the Wing communication equipment inventory.  This award was from the NC Wing Deputy Commander.

Lastly, Cadet J. Webster received his promotion to C/TSgt.  He was not able to attend the September Promotion Ceremony.

Our normal monthly promotion and award ceremony will be on Nov 19.

Congratulations to all!

Tyler - removing the pins

Webster - Cadet Tech Sergeant Huddleston Outstanding Duty Achievement Tyler - applying the epaulets Tyler - Receiving Mitchell