September Awards and Promotions

A huge thank you to our Wing Commander, Col Crawford for attending to present the Billy Mitchell Award to Cadets A. Diehl and E. Webster.  Another huge thank you goes out to SM Hausner for organizing the refreshments and to all of the cadet and parents who helped out as well.

Congratulations to all promotees and award winners!

  • Cadet A. Diehl was presented the Billy Mitchell award by Col Crawford and received a challenge coin
  • Cadet E. Webster to C/2nd Lt
  • Cadet T. Bogart completed Achievement 8
  • Cadet J. Diehl completed Achievement 8
  • Cadet C. Baldauff to C/CMSgt
  • Cadet Furlough to C/SMSgt
  • Cadet Glidewell to C/MSgt
  • Cadet Pendergraft to C/SSgt
  • Cadet Hackney to C/SSgt
  • Cadet E. Moorman to C/A1C
  • Cadet Wells to C/Amn

Cadets A. Diehl and E. Webster also received custom engraved challenge coins commemorating their promotion to C/2nd Lt and each received an additional custom engraved challenge coin to give to the cadet who renders them their first salute.

Cadet Hackney was named the Cadet of the Quarter for the 3rd quarter.

1st Lt Willis along with Cadets De La Fuente, A. Diehl, Pendergraft, Terway, E. Webster received the CAP Achievement Award for their hard work and dedication while serving as staff members at the 2015 NC Wing Cadet Competition.

Cadet Hausner received the Ground Team Member 3 badge.  He is only the 13th person in the history of Apex Cadet Squadron to earn this rating.

Cadet Huddleston received the Red Service Ribbon for completing two years as a CAP member.

Cadet Glidewell received the Cadet Recruiter Ribbon for getting 2 people to join CAP.

Cadet Loftis received the Certificate of First Flight

Cadets Gingras and J. Webster received the Wright Brothers Award.

1st Lt Willis received the Yeager Award.

Capt Willis was presented with the CAP Commander’s Commendation Award for his work with the CAP Honor Guard during the 2014 Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery.

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