July Promotions and Awards

Congratulations to the cadets and seniors!

  • SM Bogart to 2nd Lt
  • Cadet J. Barrow to C/Maj
  • Cadet Kuo to C/SMSgt
  • Cadet Glidewell to C/TSgt
  • Cadet A. Baldauff to C/SSgt
  • Cadet Gingras to C/SrA
  • Cadet Hackney to C/SrA
  • Cadet Pendergraft to C/SrA
  • Cadet R. Moorman to C/Amn
  • Cadet E. Moorman to C/Amn
  • Cadet Romera to C/Amn

Cadet Torborg was awarded the Civil Air Patrol Achievement Award for his outstanding performance and leadership as the Cadet Commander and Deputy Commander over the past 18 months.

Cadet of the Quarter for the 2nd quarter of 2015 is Cadet Pendergraft

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Lt Col Short, Capt Willis, 2nd Lt Bogart, Cadet A. Bogart, Cadet M. Bogart, and Cadet Pendergraft for their participation in a search and rescue mission in May.  This was the first time that Apex Cadet Squadron has participated in a live Emergency Services mission.

1st Lt Willis and Cadet Furlough received the Red Service Award for being a CAP member for two years.

Certificate of First Flight was awarded to Cadet Pendergraft


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