Apex Participates in First Live Search and Rescue Mission

An elderly man in Sampson County has been missing since early this week and CAP squadrons from all over the state have responded with ground teams to search for him.  Squadrons from as far away as Boone and Southport have sent people and for the first time ever, Apex Cadet Squadron is involved in a mission.  Lt Col Short, Capt Willis, SM Bogart, C/SSgt A. Bogart, C/A1C Pendergraft, and C/Amn M. Bogart arrived late Thursday and almost immediately were dispatched to the field.  After a few hours rest most returned to the field to search other areas.  The mission is still going on with State and local resources from hundreds of miles away coming in to help.

Some of our members have already participated in 3 sorties.  Once a person completes a total of 10 real-world mission sorties in any time frame they earn the CAP Search and Rescue Medal.  Some cadets from other squadrons are close to earning the medal on this mission alone.

If you have BDUs and have completed General Emergency Services (GES) in eServices then your help is still needed.  Emails have been sent for the past two days with additional information.  If you have any questions about this mission please contact Capt Willis directly.