Unfortunately we have not had enough people sign up to be able to attend this event.  We needed at least 3 people including 1 Senior Member and only a single cadet signed up.  

The cargo aircraft tour and Gen Scanlan's Change of Command trip is on the verge of being cancelled as well.  To date only 2 cadets have signed up for this.  We need at least 8 cadets and 2 Senior Members in order to do this activity.  Deadline to sign up is this Thursday.  All required paperwork needs to be submitted to Capt Willis at the beginning of the next weekly meeting.  Thank you.

Lastly, only three cadets have applied for staff positions.  Deadline to apply is June 11.

Seeing the lack of participation in events outside of weekly meetings is troubling and discouraging.  Just like any other activity, if you do not put much into it, you will not get much out of it.  Also remember that participation in activities outside of weekly meetings is a requirement for promotion as well.  You don't have to attend everything out you do have to do something.   The overall majority of cadets that participate in events and outings actually have a good time and and want to do more.  Many cadets are busy with school, work, church, and other activities and that is great but you should find some room for CAP.  You just may surprise yourself with how much fun you have!

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